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Keratherapy Trade-Out Program

Trade Out Your Current Products for Keratherapy!

It's Time for a Change

Is your current smoothing brand not cutting it or are you looking for something new?

Keratherapy's Professional Trade-Out Program allows you to send in your current products to be replaced with Keratherapy products for free!

Just follow the steps below to get started.

*Only for new Keratherapy customers

Keratherapy Trade Out Program  Distributor Guidelines

This Trade Program is specifically for salons & stylists that wish to trade a brand they currently use for matching segments in Keratherapy that they do not use (Pro Treatments and Home Care/Retail).

This is a no-hassle trade for distributors and salespeople, where Keratherapy ships the product coming in and includes a return label for the products being traded. There is no cost to distributor for this program which runs until further notice.

Distributors who wish to manage this process directly may do so by coordinating the process with Keratherapy, including a way for us to receive returned product on a periodic basis. Trades must still be pre-approved before Distributor fulfills the request, using our Trade Request Form (attached).

General Rules

- We will trade Pro treatments for Pro treatments on an item-by-item basis (not based on item price). We will also trade out Home Care/Retail products on an item-by-item basis (not based on item price).

- Trades can only be completed with open stock, no intros or special offers.

- All products from salons need to be unopened and not expired. The exception to this would be Pro Treatments, see Treatment Trade Out below.

-Existing Keratherapy buyers of a category do not qualify for this program. For example, a current Keratherapy retail account cannot trade for additional retail, and a current Keratherapy Treatment account cannot trade for treatments.

- Minimum trade value (salon value of returned products) is $150 US.

Treatment Trade-Out

Salons/stylists interested in trading Smoothing Treatments will submit what specific items and brands they wish to trade. All items must still have current dating (not expired), be unopened in original packaging. Exceptions to ‘unopened’ are as follows:

- If a liter treatment is opened but is at least half full, we will trade a Liter of a Keratherapy treatment.
- If a half liter is opened and at least half-fill, we would trade a half liter.
- Anything less than a half-full liter or half-liter does not qualify for trade.

Home Care/Retail Trade-Out

When a salon is interested in a retail product trade out, they return unopened bottles of retail sizes and back bar in return for an equal number of Keratherapy retail sizes and back bar. Salons start by providing a list and value of what they wish to trade, which Keratherapy evaluates and approves.

- Salons can trade products from a maximum of 2 brands. All must be unopened and not expired.
- The trade will be item by item both for back bar and retail sizes. For example, if a salon has 20 retail size and 4 back bar size, we will trade for an equal number of 20 retail products and 4 back bar.

Pre-Approval Required

- All proposed trades must be pre approved by Keratherapy.
- The preferred method of submission of Trade Request Form via website: https://pro.keratherapy.com/pages/trade-out-program
- Trade Request Form can also be submitted via email: tradeout@keratherapy.com.
- The submission must include details on what the salon wishes to trade, as well as the Keratherapy items they wish to receive in return.
- Once approved, Keratherapy will send/ship the requested Keratherapy items directly to the salon/stylist, along with return shipping labels to return the exchanged products. Salons (ideally with salesperson assistance) will use the incoming boxes and labels to return the old items.
- Returned/exchanged products must be received within 14 days after Keratherapy goods are received by the salon/stylist.